Silicon dioxide - SiO2

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General informations

Symbol SiO2
Element Category (chemical set) Oxide
CAS Registry Number

14808-60-7 (Quartz)

15468-32-3 (Tridymite) 14464-46-1 (Cristobalite) 13778-37-5 (Stishovite) 13778-38-6 (Coésite) 17679-64-0 (kéatite) 7631-86-9 (Silice amorphe) 1343-98-2 (Silice précipitée) 63231-67-4 (Gel de silice) 60676-86-0 (Verre de silice) 69012-64-2 (Fumée de silice)

EINECS Registry Number 215-684-8

Physical Properties

Phase Solid
Melting Point 1703°C Page 206, Thompson, D. N., Shaw, P. G., & Lacey, J. A. (2003). Post-harvest processing methods for reduction of silica and alkali metals in wheat straw. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 105(1), 205–218.
Boiling Point 2590°C Page 163, Leksina, E. G., Mukhina, E. A., Pavlov, Y. V, Umarkhodzhaev, R. M., Vokhnik, O. M., Kozlov, A. N., & Lyakhov, G. A. (2000). Spectroscopy of the Interaction between Sulfuric Plasma and Quartz Glass. PHYSICS OF VIBRATIONS, 8(3), 158–164.
Density near Room Temperature 2,6 g/cm3 Page 273, Hasegawa, E., Ishitani, A., Akimoto, K., Tsukiji, M., & Ohtac, N. (1995). SiO2/Si interface structures and reliability characteristics. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 142(1), 273–282.
Density when Liquid at Melting Point
Heat of Fusion
Heat of Vaporization 143,4 kcal/mol Table 2, Page 113, Lim, H. B., Kim, T. H., Eom, S. H., Sung, Y., Moon, M. H., & Lee, D. W. (2002). Vaporization process of SiO 2 particles for slurry injection in inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 17(2), 109–114.
Molar Volume 27,311 cm3/mol Page 2328, "AFM Studies on the Difference in Wear Behavior Between Si and SiO2 in KOH Solution", Futoshi Katsuki, Kazuhito Kamei, Akihiko Saguchi, Wataru Takahashi and Junji Watanabe (2000), Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 147 (6) 2328-2331,
Molar Heat Capacity from 44.390 J/mol.K to 46.161 J/mol.K at 300K see
Vapor Pressure graph: see Fig. 5, p. 162 Liu, L., Li, H., Feng, W., Shi, X., Li, K., & Guo, L. (2013). Ablation in different heat fluxes of C/C composites modified by ZrB 2–ZrC and ZrB 2–ZrC–SiC particles. Corrosion Science, 74, 159–167,
Oxidation States +4 for Si ; -2 for each O
Speed of Sound 5,9 . 10^5 cm.s-1 Page 42, Zvára, I. (2008). Validity and Accuracy of Single Atom Studies. The Inorganic Radiochemistry of Heavy Elements: Methods for Studying Gaseous Compounds,
Thermal Expansion 5,5.10-7 K-1 Page 063107-3, Sharp, I. D., Yi, D. O., Xu, Q., Liao, C. Y., Beeman, J. W., Liliental-Weber, Z., … Haller, E. E. (2005). Mechanism of stress relaxation in Ge nanocrystals embedded in SiO2. Applied Physics Letters, 86(6), 63107.
Thermal Conductivity about 14 at 300K Figure 2, Page 310, Cahill, D. G., & Allen, T. H. (1994). Thermal conductivity of sputtered and evaporated SiO2 and TiO2 optical coatings. Applied Physics Letters, 65(3), 309–311.,
Electrical Resistivity 10.15 Page 4, Qin, S., & McTeer, A. (2007). Wafer dependence of Johnsen–Rahbek type electrostatic chuck for semiconductor processes. Journal of Applied Physics, 102(6), 64901.,
Magnetic Ordering Diamagnetic Page 21, Adamenko, P., & Vysotskii, V. (2008). Experimental observation and analysis of action of light magnetic monopoles on multilayer surfaces. Annales de La Fondation Louis de Broglie33, 1–2.,
Young's Modulus 73 GPa Table I, Page 1032, Huang, J.-Q., Huang, Q.-A., Qin, M., Dong, W.-J., & Chen, X.-W. (2009). Experimental study on the dielectrostriction of SiO 2 with a micro-fabricated cantilever. In Sensors, 2009 IEEE (pp. 1030–1033). IEEE.,
Shear Modulus 31 GPa Page 4, Hatty, V., Kahn, H., Trevino, J., Zorman, C. A., Mehregany, M., Ballarini, R., & Heuer, A. H. (2006). Fracture toughness of low-pressure chemical-vapor-deposited polycrystalline silicon carbide thin films. Journal of Applied Physics, 99(1), 13517.,
Bulk Modulus 135,0 GPa (Quartz) - 165,8 GPa (Cristobalite) - 170,3 GPa (Stishovite) Table 1, Page 4, Hosokawa, T., & Sueoka, K. (n.d.). First Principles Analysis on Mechanical Properties of SiO2 and GeO2. Strain, 6, 4–5.,
Poisson Ratio 0,17 Table 2, Chapter 3, Xie, H., Todd, S., Jain, A., & Fedder, G. K. (2006). Single-crystal silicon based electrothermal MEMS mirrors for biomedical imaging applications. MEMS/NEMS, 1429–1471.,
Electronegativity (Pauling scale) 4.26 Page 161120-2, Carriles, R., Kwon, J., An, Y. Q., Miller, J. C., Downer, M. C., Price, J., & Diebold, A. C. (2006). Second-harmonic generation from Si∕ Si O 2∕ Hf (1− x) Si x O 2 structures. Applied Physics Letters, 88(16),
Energy Gap (at 300K) 9 eV Page 517, Butov, O. V., Golant, K. M., & Tomashuk, A. L. (2000). Spectral dependence of photorefractive effect in nitrogen-doped silica. Quantum Electronics, 30(6), 517.
Dielectric Constant 3,9 Table 2, Page 268, Robertson, J. (2004). High dielectric constant oxides. The European Physical Journal-Applied Physics, 28(3), 265–291.,
Crystal Structure Amorphous (for microelectronics)