Micro & Nanotechnologies for Health


Team leader:  David Peyrade



The team «Micro&Nanotechnologies for Health» of the LTM lab develops a set of innovative technological components:

Nanoassembly (collective), optofluidics (individual), electromicrofluidics (integrable), traction force microscopy and wet lithography of hydrogels, all including the development of microsystems and dedicated characterization platforms.

These technologies set strategic tools for lab-on-a-chip systems and allow a direct handling of cells or molecules at the individual level. The team has also worked on transferring micro and nanotechnology techniques to the fabrication of disruptive cellular substrates that combine topography, biofunctionalisation and elastic gradients to study the impact of the physical environment on the cell behavior. The team has three main research activities applied to allergy diagnosis, microbiology and cancer diagnosis.


L’équipe Micro & Nano Technologies pour la Santé, et ses collaborateurs :