LTM is a public research laboratory based at CEA-Leti Minatec Campus. It is affiliated to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Institut des Sciences et Ingénieries des Systemes (INSIS) as well as to University Joseph Fourier-Grenoble I (UJF).


The main objective of LTM is to develop and characterise advanced materials and innovative technological processes required for the nanoelectronics and nanotechnologies booming sectors.

Thanks to its technological environment , LTM has, since its foundation in 1999, become a major player at the national and international levels, in the domain of microelectronic technologies development and qualification. Aggressive technological nodes fabrication related issues are thoroughly analysed by LTM members who work with industrial standard compatible equipments.


Many powerful collaborations with industrial majors of semiconductors tools suppliers as well as with semiconductors founders are conducted by LTM teams.


Recently, novel applications in the domains of optics, biology and health are being explored by LTM members. Dedicated nanotechnologies are developed and transferred to those new domains via various collaborations with Clinatec, IRTSV and other SME.


A a member of Renatech platforms, LTM’s team can host your future technological project. To submit your proposal, visit Renatech Project submission website.