Collaborations and partnerships

Since its creation in the early 2000, LTM has established a strong and fruitfull collaboration network with both academic and industrial partners.


At a local level:

  • collaboration partnership with CEA-LETI
  • member of Federation Micro and NanoTechnologies
  • In 2010, the LTM lab launched a Labex project (Minatec Novel Devices Scaling Laboratory: MINOS) which federates advanced research teams from Grenoble area working in the domain of materials and devices for nanoelectronics
  • In 2018, the LTM lab and its partners CERAG, IMEP-LaHC, CEA-Leti, CEA-Liten, LMGP, MEM, Institut  NÉEL, PACTE, PHELIQS, Spintec, SyMMES, TIMA, launched a Idex UGA project called Need for IoT, to anticipate and support the sustainable transition in nanoelectronic industry
  • LTM has also a Joint Research Lab with STMicroelectronics


At a national level, LTM is a member of the Renatech Network, and is active within numerous GDR and thematic networks (GDR « Nanofils », GDR « Oxydes fonctionnels », « Réseau plasma froid »…).


At an international level, LTM has had many Joint Development Programs with equipment suppliers (Applied Materials, Electron Vision Group…).