Collaborations and partnership

Since it creation in the early 2000, LTM has established a strong and fruitfull collaboration networks with academia and industrial partners.


At a local level:

  • collaboration partnership with CEA-LETI
  • member of Federation Micro and NanoTechnologies
  • In 2010, LTM launched a Labex project (Minatec Novel Devices Scaling Laboratory: MINOS) which federates advanced reserach teams from Grenoble area working in the domain of materials and devices for nanoelectronics
  • LTM has also a Joint Research Lab with STMicroelectronics.


At a national level, LTM is member of Renatech Network, and is active whthin numerous GDR and thematic networks (GDR Nanofils, GDR Oxydes fonctionnels, Réseau plasma froid).


At an international level, LTM has had many Joint Development Programs with tool suppliers (Applied Materials; Electron Vision Group; etc.).