Titanium nitride – TiN

Family : Insulator


General informations

SymbolNot set
Atomic numberNot set
Element category (chemical set)Not set
GroupNot set
PeriodNot set
BlockNot set
Mohs hardnessNot set
CAS Registry numberNot set
EINECS registry numberNot set

Atomic properties

Standard atomic weightNot set
Atomic radiusNot set
Covalent radiusNot set
Van der Waals radiusNot set
Electron configurationNot set
Electrons per shellNot set
Oxidation stateNot set
Crystal structureNot set

Physical properties

PhaseNot set
Melting pointNot set
Boiling pointNot set
Density near room temperatureNot set
Density when liquid at meting pointNot set
Heat of fusionNot set
Heat of vaporizationNot set
Molar volumeNot set
Molar heat capacityNot set
Vapor pressureNot set
Speed of soundNot set
Thermal expansionNot set
Thermal conductivityNot set
Electrical resistivityNot set
Magnetic orderingNot set
Young's modulusNot set
Shear modulusNot set
Bulk modulusNot set
Poisson ratioNot set
Electronegativity (Pauling scale)Not set
Electrical conductivityNot set
Energy gap (at 300 K)Not set
Dielectric constantNot set

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