Silicon dioxide – SiO2

Family : Insulator


General informations

Atomic numberNot set
Element category (chemical set)oxide
GroupNot set
PeriodNot set
BlockNot set
Mohs hardness7 (Page 427, "Drill wear during the boring of particle board: a multi-factor analysis including effects of mineral contaminants", Porankiewicz B. & Wieloch G., BioResources, Volume 3, Number 2, 2008)
CAS Registry numberNot set
EINECS registry numberNot set

Atomic properties

Standard atomic weight60,0843 g/mol (molar mass)
Atomic radiusNot set
Covalent radiusNot set
Van der Waals radiusNot set
Electron configurationNot set
Electrons per shellNot set
Oxidation state+4 for Si ; -2 for each O
Crystal structureamorphous (for microelectronics)

Physical properties

Melting point1703°C (Page 206, "Post-Harvest Processing Methods for Reduction of Silica and Alkali Metals in Wheat Straw", David N. Thompson, Peter G. Shaw, and Jeffrey A. Lacey, Humana Press Inc., 2003)
Boiling point2590°C (Page 163, "Spectroscopy of the interaction between sulfuric plasma and quartz glass", E.G. Leksina, E.A. Mukhina, Yu.V. Pavlov, R.M. Umarkhodzhaev, and O.M. Vokhnik, Physics of Vibration, Volume 8, Number 3, 2000)
Density near room temperature2,6 g/cm3 (Page 273, "SiO2/Si interface structures and reliability characteristics", Hasegawa, E., Ishitani, A., Akimoto, K., Tsukiji, M., & Ohtac, N., Journal of The Electrochemical Society, Volume 142, Issue 1, 1995)
Density when liquid at meting pointNot set
Heat of fusionNot set
Heat of vaporizationNot set
Molar volume27,3 cm3/mol
Molar heat capacityNot set
Vapor pressuregraphe dans "Ablation in different heat fluxes of C/C composites modified by ZrB2–ZrC and ZrB2–ZrC–SiC particles"
Speed of sound5,9 . 10^5 cm.s-1 (Page 42, "The Inorganic Radiochemistry of Heavy Elements", Ivo Zvara, Springer editions, 2008)
Thermal expansion5,5.10-7 K-1 (Page 063107-3, "Mechanism of stress relaxation in Ge nanocrystals embedded in SiO2", Sharp I. D., Yi D. O., Xu Q., Beeman J. W., & Chrzan D. C., Applied Physics Letters, Volume 86, 2005)
Thermal conductivityabout 14 at 300K (Figure 2, Page 310, "Thermal conductivity of sputtered and evaporated SiO2 and TiO2 optical coatings", David G. Cahill and Thomas H. Allen, Applied Physics Letters, Volume 65, 1994)
Electrical resistivity10.15 (Page 4, "Wafer dependence of Johnsen–Rahbek type electrostatic chuck for semiconductor processes", Qin S., McTeer A., Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 102, Issue 6, 064901, 2007)
Magnetic orderingDiamagnetic (Page 21, "Experimental observation and analysis of action of light magnetic monopoles on multilayer surfaces", Adamenko, P., & Vysotskii, V., Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, Volume 33, Number 1-2, 2008)
Young's modulus73 GPa (Table I, Page 1032, "Experimental Study on the Dielectrostriction of SiO2 with a Micro-Fabricated Cantilever", Jian-Qiu Huang, Qing-An Huang, Ming Qin, Wei-Jie Dong, and Xiao-Wei Chen, in Sensors, IEEE, 2009)
Shear modulus31 GPa (Page 4, "Fracture toughness of low-pressure chemical-vapor-deposited polycrystalline silicon carbide thin films", Hatty V., Kahn H., Trevino J., Zorman C. A., Mehregany M., Ballarini R., & Heuer A. H., Journal of applied physics, 99, 013517, 2006)
Bulk modulus135,0 GPa (Quartz) - 165,8 GPa (Cristobalite) - 170,3 GPa (Stishovite) (Table 1, Page 4, "Principles Analysis on Mechanical Properties of SiO2 and GeO2", Hosokawa, T., & Sueoka, K., First, Strain, Volume 6)
Poisson ratio0,17 (Table 2, Page 120, Chapter 3 "Single-crystal silicon based electrothermal MEMS mirrors for biomedical imaging applications", in "MEMS NEMS Handbook, Techniques and Applications", Xie H., Todd S., Jain A., & Fedder G. K., Springer US, 2006)
Electronegativity (Pauling scale)4.26 (Page 161120-2, "Second-harmonic generation from Si/SiO2/Hf1−xSixO2 structures", R. Carriles, J. Kwon, Y. Q. An, J. C. Miller, and M. C. Downer, Journal of applied physics, volume 94, n° 2, 2003)
Electrical conductivity10-13 S/m (Page 44, "Fabrication and characterization of GNR transmisson lines for MMIC applications", Kara M. H., Rahim N. A. A., Mahmood M. R., Awang Z., IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference (RFM 2013), 2013 December 9-11, Penang, Malaysia)
Energy gap (at 300 K)9 eV (Page 517, "Spectral dependence of photorefractive effect in nitrogen-doped silica", Butov O. V., Golant K. M., Tomashuk A. L., Quantum Electronics, Volume 30, Number 6, 2000)
Dielectric constant3,9 (Table 2, Page 268, "High dielectric constant oxides", Robertson J., The European physical journal applied physics, 28(3), 2004)

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