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Phone+33 (0)4 38 78 95 27
17, Avenue des Martyrs
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Bernard Pelissier integrated CNRS in 1994 as research engineer, after a first experience in industrial R&D. His research activities are focused on material science and surface

characterisation. He first worked on massive crystalline growth and MOCVD deposition and then integrated LTM (Laboratoire des Technologies de la Microélectronique) in 2001 as XPS surface

characterisation manager. His research interest focused on clean room contamination studies and growth mechanisms comprehension for process development. He has been involved in several European collaborative projects in surface characterisation.

Since 2005 he is interested in quasi insitu physico-chemical characterisation using vacuum transfer.

He actually manages the IMPACT Equipex project “A 300mm quasi insitu advanced characterisation platform combining pARXPS, Raman and ellipsometry and using vacuum transfer, dedicated to process development studies.”



  • Arnaud Beaurain (post doc)
  • Laurent Dussault (post doc)
  • Charbel Roukoss (post doc)
  • Amandine Pikon (post doc)
  • Katarzyna WIERZBOWSKA (post doc)
  • Andrea Vinci (Thése CIFRE Adixen)
  • Cécile Girardot (post doc)
  • Laurent Fauquier (thèse CIFRE ST)
  • Aymen Mahjoub (post doc)
  • Georges Beainy (post doc)

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