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TeamPlasma etching
Phone+33 (0)4 38 78 94 60
17, Avenue des Martyrs
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CUNGE Gilles

Dr. Cunge Gilles (LTM), 41 years old, received his Ph.D degree in physics from Grenoble
University in 1997, working on the development of optical and electrical plasma diagnostics to
analyse the plasma-surface interactions in fluorocarbon plasmas (that are widely used in
microelectronics manufacturing). In 1998, he spent one year in the Plasma Research Laboratory
at Dublin City University (Ireland) as a Postdoc, where he studied capacitive to inductive mode
transitions and collisionless electron heating mechanisms in high-density plasma reactors. In
1999 he returned to Grenoble University where he engaged in teaching. Dr. Cunge joined Olivier
Joubert’s group at the Laboratoire des Technologies de la Microélectronique (LTM) created by
the CNRS in 1999 receiving tenure in 2000. He became research director in 2012. At the LTM
Dr. Cunge works on the optimization and characterization of plasma processes of new materials
integrated in advanced CMOS devices. He is in charge of developing plasma diagnostic
techniques (absorption spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, electrostatic probes…) to analyse the
physico-chemistry of reactive plasmas. His current research is dedicated to pulsed plasmas
etching processes of ultrathin layers. In parallel, he is working on the development of innovative
processes including the treatment of graphene surface and plasma etching through blockcopolymer
masks. The work at the LTM is carried out in close collaboration between CNRS,
CEA-LETI and industrial partners (STMicroelectronics, Applied Materials USA).
Dr. Cunge holds 2 patents, has authored and co-authored 73 papers (h-index = 21), 50
conferences proceedings and has contributed to 50 invited talks at international conferences.

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